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Aquarium At Old Mill School

Today we installed a new aquarium at Old Mill School. Students will collect items from Old Mill Creek to place into the tank in anticipation of the rainbow trout that will be placed int the tank next week. The students will be learning what the trout need to survive, how they live, and how we can enhance Old Mill Creek to entice more trout to this incredible habitat. Stay tuned as we keep you updated!

TSI Intern Program

Students who participate in the program will learn how to design and implement a scientific experiment, collect and analyze data, and present the information to a group of peers. Students will be responsible for the care and maintenance of the salmon pens, and will participate in outreach activities designed to educate the public on salmon ecopolitics and the health of the bay.

The program will begin in June 2011. Students who are interested in participating may contact us via phone, (415) 435-2397, or email.

Sustainable Fishing Program

Students who participate will learn sustainable fishing practices and what they can do to help sustain seafood populations. Students will also learn how to cast a rod and reel and fish off a pier.

California Salmonids

Students will learn the basic characteristics of common California Salmonids and how their adaptations allow them to survive and reproduce. Students will also learn to identify native salmonid species, and what can be done to restore the salmon habitat. The program is offered as an assembly or three classroom visits, and works well in conjunction with the Trout in the Classroom program offered through Trout Unlimited and the Department of Fish and Game. Also, there is no preparatory work required by the teacher. TSI’s teachers do everything for you!