Crabs for the California Academy of Sciences Penguin Exhibit

To help clean the penguin exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences, the Director of the Penguin exhibit, Pam Schaller, requested TSI students to catch local crabs for house cleaning duty.

Salmon Kiss & Release--- Thank You! It was AWESOME!

The 9th Annual Salmon Kiss & Release took place on May 25th from 10:00 to 2:00 in Blackie's Pasture, Tiburon. We were joined by about 2,000 people to celebrate the release of baby Chinook salmon. The weather was perfect, and the energy in the air was electric! The day started out with the Band Voxel playing several sets of music as people came to enjoy the booths food and refreshments of the event. The Redwood Cheerleaders were doing there cheers, the band sounded great and the fish arrived on time with the students from Casa Grande High School.

Salmon Release 2013 Student Volunteers

Hey students come volunteer at the 2013 Salmon Kiss and Release. We need to students to help with the snack bar, passing out buckets and other things. Please contact me by messaging me or email me at