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San Francisco State Walks Away From Tiburon Salmon Institute

This week the Independent Journal wrote a very good article on the Decision of San Francisco State University's (SFSU) decision to walk away from any negotiations with The Tiburon Salmon Institute.

Congressman Jared Huffman is correct in the article, in my opinion, that SFSU negotiated in bad faith, and did not have any intention on ever making an agreement with TSI. It was clear at the last meeting that Vice Presidents, Nava and Cortez had been given their marching orders to end the negotiations and give us a year to vacate the Romberg Campus. We still do not have a clear answer as to why?

In rebuttal to their claims of safety issues:

Why would they not allow us to make to repairs? Why wouldn't they just ask us to wear life vests and why wouldn't we have just worn them? Our record of 42 years and not one accident, or mishap, also begs the question what safety issues?

They have released "special inspection reports" that talk about code sections and items that we offered to fix, and in fact could have been fixed in a short amount of time. They did not release reports that show the conditions that their own students are working in and the rest of the property with it's various real dangerous conditions like peeling lead paint, sewage, and condemned buildings.

If SFSU truly had safety concerns about TSI using the property, why did they not ever offer us any of their unused safe classrooms, or areas that remain unused on the vast 35 Acres they were given by the Federal Government? Why is Dupont Chemical allowed tenancy and a lease? These are all questions that were never answered.

We worked all those years with former administrations at RTC and never had any issues until Ms. Nielsen became Director. If items did come to our attention we worked with SFSU to make them right. We even formed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2009, with SFSU that was in place when Ms. Nielsen came to the position. This MOU promised a forthcoming "lease" and clearly stated that consideration for that lease would be RTC's ability to use the TSI floats for landing small vessels for students and staff at the center. In other words, it was not rent free, we had to keep the floats in "safe" condition to allow students and staff to board boats. There was no problem with this activity/payment until Ms. Nielsen canceled this agreement and started the process that has led to our leaving the SFSU facility.

We tried very hard to be good tenants. Thought that we were adding a lot to the RTC community. We even felt that we were a good link to them for the Tiburon Community. It could have been such a great win for everyone if the relationship had continued in the direction it had for all those years.

We now look forward to a new relationship with folks that like what we are doing, want to have a fun, educational, community building, experience with TSI. We know that will happen! Stay Tuned to see what happens next! Rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated!

Thank You for all your Support,
Brooke Halsey
Executive Director