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Salmon Release a Success - Thank You!

Today we released our 8,000 Chinook Salmon without a hitch. Children from schools all over Marin showed up to watch and help return sea creatures back to the bay. The students of the United Anglers of Casa Grande High school were on hand to do the heavy lifting and great fun was had by everyone involved.

The excitement began as our friends from Ad Lite Crane Service brought their 40,000 pound crane down to the salmon project to lift the net and pen from the bay. The marin squad of Fish and Wildlife Officers and their Captain Steve Riske were there to help, and answer questions. People that had read about the release or heard the public service announcements on Kfog radio station, came to watch the fun. KQED radio came and conducted interviews with the students and bystanders. A couple of Harbor Seals came to see if they could get a free lunch, but they were not quick enough for our fast swimming Chinook!

The fish were an average of about 8 inches long or about 5or 6 to a pound. We captured some and held them in a tank so that everyone could see them. At about 4'oclock Barry from Ad Lite lifted the encrusted net from the rearing pen in the bay, to the tarmac up top. Students from United Anglers then saved some salmon that had been trapped in the net.

The visiting children then scrambled around the net catching crabs, shrimp and sea creatures, that have called the net their home for the last 5 months. TSI biologist Andrew Wolf and Chuck Breummer ( TSI Director and former biology professor) were on hand to talk about what kinds of animals were present. While that was going on, the pen was lifted from the water and gently placed on the tarmac to be stored until next year.
A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT SHOWED UP -- If you missed the fun this year don't worry you can join us next year.