San Francisco State Walks Away From Tiburon Salmon Institute

This week the Independent Journal wrote a very good article on the Decision of San Francisco State University's (SFSU) decision to walk away from any negotiations with The Tiburon Salmon Institute.

SF State Seeks End to Salmon Flap by Nels Johnson Marin IJ

San Francisco State University officials may allow a popular Tiburon salmon education and conservation program to remain at Romberg Center.
The Tiburon Salmon Institute won a 30-day eviction reprieve pending talks the university said are aimed at retaining the salmon project.
The university’s about-face comes amid mounting political pressure that includes Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and state schools superintendent Tom Torlakson, who both serve as state university regents, state Sen. Mike McGuire, Rep. Jared Huffman and Marin officials.

San Francisco State University Closes the door on Salmon Rearing Program

We are shocked and dismayed that San Francisco State University SFSU sent a June 1st Demand letter ordering us to remove our project and equipment from it's home at the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies RTC in Tiburon by July 1st. The project has been there for 42 years raising salmon and connecting with the community. The San Francisco Tyee Foundation and their partners established the project in 1973. The property is owned by San Francisco State University.

Salmon Signs Missing!

Our annual salmon display is underway with Salmon Signs painted by the community all over Mill Valley and Tiburon. We receive many compliments every year from them. Last Friday night someone took an exceptional amount of signs off Tiburon Blvd. If anyone has information regarding these signs and why someone took them, please let us know. If you know of a salmon sign that swam into someone's yard or property, ask them about making a $20,00 donation through pay pal on our web site. We enjoy putting them out, but they do take time to make and there is a cost to the supplies.

Debbie Miller -- A King Salmon Journey

Come meet Debbie Miller - Author of A King Salmon Journey. She will be at the Kiss and Release on May 16th at Blackie's Pasture. The book is simply wonderful. It chronicles the journey of Chinook a King Salmon up the Yukon River and through Alaska. It is wonderfully illustrated and a beautiful story. It is a great compliment to the children's own release of a salmon at Blackie's Pasture. Your child will come away with an understanding of salmon and what they need to survive. Please come to the event and buy a copy of her book.